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I think I write one of these every year, and because they usually end up being one of few :)!!! posts, I am going to keep up the tradition.

WHOOO SPRING!!! Yeah. I am in a good mood because when I look out the window, I can't see any snow (I can if I look for it, if I carane my head around and try to find some, but just glancing outside, I can't see any.). This occured to me walking down the hall from Writer's Craft today -- our school, for those who are not lucky/cursed enough to go to Earl, has gigantic windows at the end of the four main hallways, and those gigantic windows overlook the field and some other field and some houses and such. Anyway, as I was walking back from writer's craft, and looking out the window ahead of me, my thoughts were something like this:


Yeah. And when I went home today, it was so warm that I was HOT in the car and I TOOK OFF MY COAT. GASP.

I don't think you can appreciate how truly glorious springtime is if you don't live somewhere with the drastic weather variations that Ottawa can boast of -- we somehow go from -40 to +40, and the transition periods are quite interesting. Fall is beautiful and depressing, because it means winter (and -40) is ahead; spring, while generally ugly and generally smelling of ass, is incredibly uplifting because it means the end of winter, and the return of fun animals like birds, bears and insects. Despite how much I may loathe the winter in general, that's one thing I do love about living where I live -- the fact that everything changes so much makes the arrival of each new season pathetically exciting. I don't really know anyone whose mood doesn't get better, even a little, when spring finally arrives.

That said, I know this is a fluke day -- I know that Saturday, Sunday and the rest of the week aren't supposed to be so sunny or so clear, I know that it may well get cold and snow again; spring in Ottawa is about as predictable as a rabid rhinocerous. (See how writer's craft has helped me? Alliteration and a simile. =| ) Still, it's exciting just for once to feel like the end is near, summer is approaching, and with it, all the awesome things it means -- fruit (delicious), summer clothing (which for me is a difference only from 'long-sleeves' to 't-shirt', but still), graduation (!!!!), prOMG, Lexi (maybe), Harry Potter! (I am so cool), and summer lovin' (had me a blast).

So yes. My happiness and the spring weather may be equally fleeting, but for now I am going to enjoy the eye of the storm, call up some people, and go see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Hells. Yes.

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