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you're not cause you're not

Oh man. Lexi and I had some ROCKIN' TIMES but now I am in the post-fun let-down stage, it's quite sad. I'm just sitting here like WTF DO I A DO NOW :(. I should go downtown and party with my homies but that's effort anddd it looks like it's gonna rain or something. I kinda just wanna like, go curl up and die somewhere. Hm. Decisions decisions.

HOWEVZ yes it was an intense few days, what with grad and the meeting of the greatest people in the universe. Prom was fun; it was unfortunate that after prom we all just kind of passed out after a brief coffee high, but hey, what can you do. "HEY SEE THAT GIRL IN THE POLKADOT DRESS? LET'S RAPE HER FRIENDS". Oh good times. UM I will probably (not) do a more detailed post at some other point but right now I'm just like bluuguhhh? My brain is fried and I am torn between going and having fun and wallowing in self-pity. It's a tough decision, I tell ya.

Pictures are all over facebook and Myspace and all those good stalking websites. I'm not gonna put them here because that's effort and I'm lazy, damnit, just go on facebook/myspace. There's more on facebook because I RULE. I also have some fantastic videos to share with the childrens when I ...stop being so forsakenly lazy and when I figure out what mysterious ailment has overcome my laptop. Wtf.

OH GOD I'M JUST RAMBLING BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF ahhh. However I think a beautiful bond was forged between the Simpson clan and the Cloutier women so we can party hard in the (near?!) future. Now we just need to get Anna and Sarah in on the action. WHOO YEAH BABY.

I'm stopping because I don't know what I'm saying. *dies*

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