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I've basically written nothing all summer, but I suppose as summer draws to an end I'll update, for posterity's sake. Or something. No one really uses lj anymore, myself included.

Basically this summer was (for me, and apparently not many other people) about a million times better than the previous summer in almost every way. It was, at the very least, less of an angst-fest and filled with much more frivolous spending. Hurrah! There was lots of coffee-shop-hopping and aimless nighttime driving and playground travelling and in general the freedom that comes with the end of highschool and the addition of easier transportation.

July brought Canada Day, rung in between Lisa, Kyle, Sindie and I in a melancholy way, eating Wendy's, grading KRC's fireworks and watching snippets of the Alamo and Titanic. It bought family drama that, disengaged family member that I am, more or less thought was stupid and kind of funny, as well as lots of Dara.

It also brought Lisa's 18th, which we celebrated by being supremely nerdy and wearing our grad robes to the premiere of Order of the Phoenix. We were the only ones dressed up in the entirety of the building (because the people at Coliseum aren't nearly as cool as the people at AMC, I guess) and we laughed at ourselves and failed to find seats together because we're retarded. It was a grand adventure, though, and much better than any drunken Hull bash, or at least in my opinion. The end of July, on the topic of Harry Potter, brought Deathly Hallows, and Lisa and I went to Chapters' midnight release. I competed in the trivia challenge, hell yes, and then we sat in line and ate poptarts and made a speedy escape. I then proceeded to do nothing but read that Saturday, and then I wept for the brutal death of my childhood. (Without actually weeping, unlike, evidently, almost everyone else who read the series and cried because of owls and House-Elves.)

August has been a little calmer, a little duller, but we did go laser tagging, which was amazing, and we went to La Ronde, which was also quite an adventure. My mom practically had a hernia but in the end it was successful and even though we got lost in Quebec at like 11:30 we found our way home in one piece. Will and I cheered for the triumps of "SCIENCE!!!" at every opportunity and Abby and Tania have major carnie cred for their bravery. Good times.

Which brings me to the last week of summer. University starts in a week (and two days) and I am not prepared in any form or fashion. I have a student card and a bus pass and a rather irrational desire to slip back into the familiarity of high school. I have never been a big fan of change, and the fact that it is minor change -- leaving the familiar circle of friends and peers and teachers -- without being major change -- it's still same old, boring Ottawa -- somehow makes it even harder.

The truth of the matter is that it's been years since I've made honest-to-God friends (and before you froth at me, Tania, that does not equate to me saying I do not have friends, just that I haven't made new ones) and the prospect of having to do so is kind of terrifying. I don't make friends easily; I talk to people and I'll laugh and joke with people but at the end of the day they forget about me and I forget about them. At least, that seems to be the pattern, as proved by the last three years of highschool and a year and a half of employment at a building where made friends except for me. I don't mean to sound whiny or angsty, that's simply how it is: there are plenty of kids from work who'll call each other to go for a coffee or go to dinner or go play Guitar Hero or what have you, but I am not one of them, and less than a week away from my resignation, it's pretty obvious I'm not going to be. Ah, well, I guess.

The university bright side is that I'm finally buying my books, and while most of them are entirely unremarkable, my Literature & Film course seems to promise awesomeness. The books required are War of the Worlds, Frankenstein, ...something I just blanked on and Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets. Frankenstein I know, which is comforting, studying any Tom Cruise movie is destined to be hilarity, and um yeah studying Harry Potter in school = made of win.

No one reads this so I guess I'll end it, but... hm. Well done, summer 2007.

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