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you say I must eat so many lemons 'cause I am so bitter

Basically when I look at this thing I realize it is a pit of death and despair and I am a giant emo faggot, so I figured I'd do an update where I don't whine about how life sucks wah wah. /LIRL/

That said this'll probably be pretty boring so godspeed if you want to skip it. LIRL.

First semester/fall term ends in ...two weeks? The last day of classes is the 5th, then I've got exams -- the last one's on the 18th. I should be concerned about exams, or even the confusing project that I have to do for Communications that I've not started, but this year has been an extension of my apathy towards school. I guess that's what happens when you go into a program that gives you less homework than you had in high school (? LIRL). I dunno if that's good or not -- I mean, free time is awesome, but I do feel like I should have a job, and when all my friends are like, busting their asses and sleeping an hour a night or something disgusting, I feel like some kind of underacheiver or something.

But whatevs, man. At least my courses are interesting.

Next term I have... a bunch of subjects that I might drop. LIRL Well, not exactly, but right now I'm signed up for Moral Reasoning (ugh), English Lit Since 1700, Fantasy, Myth & Language, Lit & Psychology, and Intro to Criminology. Criminology sounds vastly interesting, but it's Thursday nights from 7-10, which means I learn about crazy fucks and then walk through snow to catch a bus that'll get me home at like 11 pm. Um...? No thanks. I need to look into something else to take, but I keep procrastinating. I'm thinking it might be Behavioural Psychology (rather than experimental, which I have right now).

Anyway school is boring to talk about. This post isn't as cheerful as I'd hoped, it's actually just really, really boring. Whoops! Anyhow, I am excited for break. It will be a magical time of no responsibility and impoverishment because I refuse to return to the crazy deathcamp known as AMC. LIRL Also because Best Buy didn't hire me, which is cool because they hired creepy Shawn from work and Stew the Duck. And I don't really want to work with Creepy Shawn or Stew. Hahahahaha.

Apparently we're going to visit family in wake of not having a dog and me being unemployed, so from the 23rd to the 27th I will be partying it up with various relatives who know little to nothing about me. I say "to nothing" because this apparently includes my paternal grandmother, and for those of you keeping score at home, I've met her once when I was about five for half an hour; we, uh, don't talk to my dad's parents. Yeaaah. So meeting her promises to be The Weirdest, Most Awkward Thing Ever, as even my dad hasn't seen her in something like 20 years. Wtf.

...And then I also get to chill with cousins and such. Fun times. I guess it'll be nice. I'm just such a non-family-oriented person that it's quite strange, really. It might be weird and terrible, but I kind of like being the random far-away grandchild that no one knows too much about. I am such a secretive bastard, lirl.

ALSO WE GOT TONNES OF SNOW. Snow is everywhere. It is a freaking winter wonderland I tell you wut. There's like... 15-20 cms probs? That's like, six inches. ...SHUT UP IT'S A LOT. For the end of November, anyway. I kind of want to go play in it. Someone come play with me.

Dude this post really has no point. I'm going to add pictures to redeem it. F u facebook. LIRL

Told you it was snowy.

For Halloween, Candice and I were contestants on the Amazing Race.

Tania's party, starring me, Kyle, Joe, Abby, Sarah, Candice, Tania, and Lisa. Basically these are my best friends/favourite people in the universe, although I guess if I wanted it to be a comprehensive picture it's missing Sindie, Anna, Lexi, Sarah and Will. We are sexy motherfuckers.

I just think this photo is hilarious.

Well, that's it. There was nothing useful in here, but it wasn't angsty. Wooo!

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