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[05 Feb 2008|07:37pm]
School is dumb and stuff, I am going to Montreal to spend money I don't have next weekend, it will be good times, uhhh... that's basically it.

I kind of just wanted to use this icon. It is awesome.
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a year-end tradition [30 Dec 2007|06:05pm]
So I'm a legal adult now. Hurrah! I can have "real" bank-accounts, buy alcohol in Quebec, buy cigarettes in America, see 18A movies and purchase things from info-mercials.

Basically, I've done this for about three years, so I figured I'd do it again.

for auld lang syneCollapse )
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you motherfuckers don't know how to ...drive? [08 Dec 2007|09:57pm]
[ mood | shaken, not stirred ]

Basically, last night, Tania, Will, Candice and I decided to go to see August Rush. AMC is very close and all, but Tania had free tickets to the theatre about 20 minutes away, so we decided to go to that one. Which is nice, because after having a year and a half of free tickets, I have no desire to pay for a movie. Ever again. At all. I still haven't.

Candice drove us there in her little Dodge Neon - me in the passenger's seat, Tania behind me and Will behind the driver's seat. We were heading down a pretty main road (60 km/h speedlimit) and I was looking back to talk to Tania and Will when suddenly Will screamed "Whoa!" and I turned around just in time to see some other car run a stop sign and drive straight into the intersection where we're headed. Someone -- I can't even remember who -- said "Oh my God!", Candice and the other driver both hit the brakes, and there was that very surreal second in which it occured to all of us that there was absolutely no way we were going to stop in time. All I really remember thinking is that we were going to hit; before there was even time to be scared, we had.

Thankfully, Candice's reactions were good and her brakes and winter tires were decent -- the impact was pretty low-speed, and the other woman's car bashed in the passenger's side headlight of Candice's car. No one was hurt -- I'm not even sure if I flew far enough for my seatbelt to lock. Candice's car suffered the brunt of the damage, while the other woman -- the woman at fault -- had basically no damage to her car.

The rest of the story is pretty uninteresting; we recovered from our shock, the other woman called the police, the police came, the CAA towed Candice's car, her brother picked us up, et cetera. The damage to Candice's car is unfortunate, but as far as I know the bill will go to the other woman -- Candice had a green light and the right-of-way, while the other woman ran a stop sign and didn't even have her purse with her. She got a ticket, too.

The weirdest bit, I guess, is the speculation afterwards. We were very lucky, of course. There are dozens of ways it could have been much, much worse: if Candice hadn't hit her brakes when she did, if there had been ice, if we'd skidded any further before the collision, the other woman's car would have smashed into the passenger's side (and me) or the back passenger's seat (and Tania). If the woman hadn't stopped when she did, we'd have T-boned her. There were no cars behind us when we hit -- if we had taken two cars like we almost did (for no reason... which is why we didn't) one could've crashed into the other, and as Tania's got a van, the little Neon could've made out much worse. Candice reacted as best she could, really; if she'd swerved (as the police offer suggested she should've... eugh) we'd have either gone straight into oncoming traffic or the other woman's car would've smashed into me and Tania rather than a headlight.

All in all, it was good. I mean, not good -- obviously the better alternative is to not crash at all -- but if it had to happen, it happened the best possible way. Candice wasn't at fault (and with a G2 liscence she'd have been owned if she was), the damage wasn't extensive, none of us were hurt, it wasn't a hit-and-run, everyone stayed calm. Candice is shaken up, and I feel bad for her, but the rest of us are okay. I'm not traumatized or anything and I hope this doesn't sound like I'm being overly dramatic, I hvae an obvious tendency for story-telling (hence the English major) but it's just... weird. It's the first accident I can remember being in, and it's somehow particularly unnerving that it was just us - just the four of us friends, no adults, handling it on our own (more or less). I guess that's unnerving and a little comforting at the same time. For the record, Will is a pretty good guy to be in a car accident with (lirl) -- very calm and collected.

Anyway. Wear your seatbelts, kids, and don't run stop signs.

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I'll wait but I'm too tired to play pretend [06 Dec 2007|04:17pm]
I just wanted to comment this in Lexi's entry but apparently it is TOO LONG for lj to handle. LIRL Stupid lj.

Anyway this thing is pretty hilarious.

This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

I think the "love" bit is my favourite, omfg. LIRL I LOVE HOW "BODY" IS THE HIGHEST. That is very sad. It is also sad that my life gets a score of like, 52%. LIRL This survey clearly thinks I should kill myself.
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[05 Dec 2007|03:24pm]
We went back to Earl today. Hm.

It was ... weird. Familiar and weird at the same time. It's been an entire semester and it still somehow feels like Earl is my school and U of O is just some place I've been visiting a lot. I guess this was probably what it was like when I started high school, too, though in retrospect I can't fathom why I ever would have missed WEJ -- or if I did in the first place. I hope not, WEJ sucked.

But yeah. I don't know... it was nice to see some of the staff and students again. It was nice to sit in the upper foyer with Candice, Tania and Sindie and talk to the random familiar faces who walked by. I don't hate university as much as I did when I started, and I did manage to find people to talk to in my classes, but come January it'll be an entirely new world again and it's unlikely any of the people I've befriened will even be in any of my classes. My professors always talk about how university is where you make your "real" friends for the rest of your life, but I don't see it. I make acquaintances but I doubt if any of them will be anything other than that.

I also don't know about the program. The thing with English is that I don't end up doing it because I "love" it, I do it because it happens to be the least of all evils. I couldn't handle sciences, like hell do I want to go into business, the humanities hardly interest me, and basically that leaves English. I like it, I guess, it's... interesting enough, and I'm doing okay in the whole two English courses I have this semester, but... I dunno. It's not life-changing or riveting and I have no idea how in God's name knowing about Sidney and Spenser and Marvell and Donne is going to help me get a job. I guess the answer is that it won't. LIRL

I still have my friends, but our schedules are hard to coordinate. I should get a job, because all I ever fucking do is waste time, but I'm worried that if I do my once-a-week social life will diminish into a never-social-life, and then I would have to kill myself. I should care about money and school and all the responsibilities I am innevitably going to have in the near future, but I don't. The only thing I have any motivation to do is hang out with my friends. That is it. I suppose having a Bachelor's will be great and all (you know, so I can flip burgers or something and join the underemployment rate -- huzzah for Communications teaching me that term!) but I really don't care. I have about zero goals. For real.

Also my laptop is dead or something. This is tragic because it is my best technological friend, lirl. CURSE YOU AUTOMATIC UPDATE that actually seemed to downgrade my computer to failure. ...BUT ON THE BRIGHT SIDE I JUST DISCOVERED I HAVE ALL MY PROM PHOTOS ON THIS COMPUTER TOO. YESS. AND ALMOST EVERY OTHER PHOTO IS STILL ON MY CAMERA. YESSSSS. I WIN. They were pretty much the only data I'm worried about, lirl, as all the other stuff is just pointless shit and essays I've alreay handed in and stuff I can live without. Yay! Huzzah, fate.

Um... what else. Since my last update we got another fucking foot of snow. A FOOT. IN A NIGHT. It was retarded I waited for the bus for 40 fucking minutes in the cold and my toes went numb >|

I always write a lot in these. I'm going to stop because I'm not really saying anything.

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you say I must eat so many lemons 'cause I am so bitter [24 Nov 2007|01:06pm]
Basically when I look at this thing I realize it is a pit of death and despair and I am a giant emo faggot, so I figured I'd do an update where I don't whine about how life sucks wah wah. /LIRL/

That said this'll probably be pretty boring so godspeed if you want to skip it. LIRL.

First semester/fall term ends in ...two weeks? The last day of classes is the 5th, then I've got exams -- the last one's on the 18th. I should be concerned about exams, or even the confusing project that I have to do for Communications that I've not started, but this year has been an extension of my apathy towards school. I guess that's what happens when you go into a program that gives you less homework than you had in high school (? LIRL). I dunno if that's good or not -- I mean, free time is awesome, but I do feel like I should have a job, and when all my friends are like, busting their asses and sleeping an hour a night or something disgusting, I feel like some kind of underacheiver or something.

But whatevs, man. At least my courses are interesting.

Next term I have... a bunch of subjects that I might drop. LIRL Well, not exactly, but right now I'm signed up for Moral Reasoning (ugh), English Lit Since 1700, Fantasy, Myth & Language, Lit & Psychology, and Intro to Criminology. Criminology sounds vastly interesting, but it's Thursday nights from 7-10, which means I learn about crazy fucks and then walk through snow to catch a bus that'll get me home at like 11 pm. Um...? No thanks. I need to look into something else to take, but I keep procrastinating. I'm thinking it might be Behavioural Psychology (rather than experimental, which I have right now).

Anyway school is boring to talk about. This post isn't as cheerful as I'd hoped, it's actually just really, really boring. Whoops! Anyhow, I am excited for break. It will be a magical time of no responsibility and impoverishment because I refuse to return to the crazy deathcamp known as AMC. LIRL Also because Best Buy didn't hire me, which is cool because they hired creepy Shawn from work and Stew the Duck. And I don't really want to work with Creepy Shawn or Stew. Hahahahaha.

Apparently we're going to visit family in wake of not having a dog and me being unemployed, so from the 23rd to the 27th I will be partying it up with various relatives who know little to nothing about me. I say "to nothing" because this apparently includes my paternal grandmother, and for those of you keeping score at home, I've met her once when I was about five for half an hour; we, uh, don't talk to my dad's parents. Yeaaah. So meeting her promises to be The Weirdest, Most Awkward Thing Ever, as even my dad hasn't seen her in something like 20 years. Wtf.

...And then I also get to chill with cousins and such. Fun times. I guess it'll be nice. I'm just such a non-family-oriented person that it's quite strange, really. It might be weird and terrible, but I kind of like being the random far-away grandchild that no one knows too much about. I am such a secretive bastard, lirl.

ALSO WE GOT TONNES OF SNOW. Snow is everywhere. It is a freaking winter wonderland I tell you wut. There's like... 15-20 cms probs? That's like, six inches. ...SHUT UP IT'S A LOT. For the end of November, anyway. I kind of want to go play in it. Someone come play with me.

Dude this post really has no point. I'm going to add pictures to redeem it. F u facebook. LIRL

PHOTOS so this is interesting sortaCollapse )

Well, that's it. There was nothing useful in here, but it wasn't angsty. Wooo!

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OMFG ANNA!!!!!!! [29 Sep 2007|01:33pm]



I LOVE YOUUUU. <333333333333
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[22 Sep 2007|07:22pm]
[ mood | why god why ]

For those of you keeping score at home, my china cabinet is like a pile of rubble and some dust at the mo'. Fuck you, university.

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[15 Sep 2007|08:51pm]
I'm probably the only one (ever), but I think I liked high school more.
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cause i am living just to be [28 Aug 2007|04:09pm]
I've basically written nothing all summer, but I suppose as summer draws to an end I'll update, for posterity's sake. Or something. No one really uses lj anymore, myself included.

Basically this summer was (for me, and apparently not many other people) about a million times better than the previous summer in almost every way. It was, at the very least, less of an angst-fest and filled with much more frivolous spending. Hurrah! There was lots of coffee-shop-hopping and aimless nighttime driving and playground travelling and in general the freedom that comes with the end of highschool and the addition of easier transportation.

July brought Canada Day, rung in between Lisa, Kyle, Sindie and I in a melancholy way, eating Wendy's, grading KRC's fireworks and watching snippets of the Alamo and Titanic. It bought family drama that, disengaged family member that I am, more or less thought was stupid and kind of funny, as well as lots of Dara.

It also brought Lisa's 18th, which we celebrated by being supremely nerdy and wearing our grad robes to the premiere of Order of the Phoenix. We were the only ones dressed up in the entirety of the building (because the people at Coliseum aren't nearly as cool as the people at AMC, I guess) and we laughed at ourselves and failed to find seats together because we're retarded. It was a grand adventure, though, and much better than any drunken Hull bash, or at least in my opinion. The end of July, on the topic of Harry Potter, brought Deathly Hallows, and Lisa and I went to Chapters' midnight release. I competed in the trivia challenge, hell yes, and then we sat in line and ate poptarts and made a speedy escape. I then proceeded to do nothing but read that Saturday, and then I wept for the brutal death of my childhood. (Without actually weeping, unlike, evidently, almost everyone else who read the series and cried because of owls and House-Elves.)

August has been a little calmer, a little duller, but we did go laser tagging, which was amazing, and we went to La Ronde, which was also quite an adventure. My mom practically had a hernia but in the end it was successful and even though we got lost in Quebec at like 11:30 we found our way home in one piece. Will and I cheered for the triumps of "SCIENCE!!!" at every opportunity and Abby and Tania have major carnie cred for their bravery. Good times.

Which brings me to the last week of summer. University starts in a week (and two days) and I am not prepared in any form or fashion. I have a student card and a bus pass and a rather irrational desire to slip back into the familiarity of high school. I have never been a big fan of change, and the fact that it is minor change -- leaving the familiar circle of friends and peers and teachers -- without being major change -- it's still same old, boring Ottawa -- somehow makes it even harder.

The truth of the matter is that it's been years since I've made honest-to-God friends (and before you froth at me, Tania, that does not equate to me saying I do not have friends, just that I haven't made new ones) and the prospect of having to do so is kind of terrifying. I don't make friends easily; I talk to people and I'll laugh and joke with people but at the end of the day they forget about me and I forget about them. At least, that seems to be the pattern, as proved by the last three years of highschool and a year and a half of employment at a building where made friends except for me. I don't mean to sound whiny or angsty, that's simply how it is: there are plenty of kids from work who'll call each other to go for a coffee or go to dinner or go play Guitar Hero or what have you, but I am not one of them, and less than a week away from my resignation, it's pretty obvious I'm not going to be. Ah, well, I guess.

The university bright side is that I'm finally buying my books, and while most of them are entirely unremarkable, my Literature & Film course seems to promise awesomeness. The books required are War of the Worlds, Frankenstein, ...something I just blanked on and Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets. Frankenstein I know, which is comforting, studying any Tom Cruise movie is destined to be hilarity, and um yeah studying Harry Potter in school = made of win.

No one reads this so I guess I'll end it, but... hm. Well done, summer 2007.

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you're not cause you're not [01 Jul 2007|03:20pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Oh man. Lexi and I had some ROCKIN' TIMES but now I am in the post-fun let-down stage, it's quite sad. I'm just sitting here like WTF DO I A DO NOW :(. I should go downtown and party with my homies but that's effort anddd it looks like it's gonna rain or something. I kinda just wanna like, go curl up and die somewhere. Hm. Decisions decisions.

HOWEVZ yes it was an intense few days, what with grad and the meeting of the greatest people in the universe. Prom was fun; it was unfortunate that after prom we all just kind of passed out after a brief coffee high, but hey, what can you do. "HEY SEE THAT GIRL IN THE POLKADOT DRESS? LET'S RAPE HER FRIENDS". Oh good times. UM I will probably (not) do a more detailed post at some other point but right now I'm just like bluuguhhh? My brain is fried and I am torn between going and having fun and wallowing in self-pity. It's a tough decision, I tell ya.

Pictures are all over facebook and Myspace and all those good stalking websites. I'm not gonna put them here because that's effort and I'm lazy, damnit, just go on facebook/myspace. There's more on facebook because I RULE. I also have some fantastic videos to share with the childrens when I ...stop being so forsakenly lazy and when I figure out what mysterious ailment has overcome my laptop. Wtf.

OH GOD I'M JUST RAMBLING BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF ahhh. However I think a beautiful bond was forged between the Simpson clan and the Cloutier women so we can party hard in the (near?!) future. Now we just need to get Anna and Sarah in on the action. WHOO YEAH BABY.

I'm stopping because I don't know what I'm saying. *dies*


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here's to goodbye; tomorrow's gonna come too soon [15 Jun 2007|09:30pm]
So today was my last day of highschool.

There are still exams. There's still "commencement", renamed from "graduation" to give it some sort of optimistic, gentle-shove-into-the-future feel. There's still prom the Saturday after that, and after we've eaten our dinner and danced to what will undoubtedly be Akon and Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado and Timbaland (and for many of us, been intoxicated on a boat cruise in Quebec) about 90% of the Earl of March Class of 2007 I will never see again.

Today, though, was our last day at school. It was our last day to wander the halls, to listen to Mr. Morton wish us a "fantastic Friday", our last day to lounge around the upper foyer, skip all our classes, reminisce, eat our lunches by the rocks or on the caf or at the base of our lockers, our last Earl assembly.

It was bittersweet.

Yesterday, I went to dinner with Candice, Abby, Sarah, Joe, Tania and Sindie, and afterwards, a majority of us went to Sindie's house, where we were joined by Lisa. It was our last highschool "school night", and we spent it eating popcorn, playing "water, fire, earth", watching Aladdin and talking long into the night while much of our graduating class found some way to get inebriated. I had thirty minutes of sleep; Sindie and I shared the bunk beneath Lisa's and talked in pitch blackness about anything and everything until 6:30, knowing full well that at 7, we'd need to get up.

Then, this morning, we went to school, although we didn't really go to class. We signed yearbooks, we said goodbye to the teachers we'll miss, and slowly began to realize that come September, we're not coming back. We're not going to reserve a lockerbay upstairs or clog guidance for course changes and schedule switches. We're not going to be in the same portable or classroom or lab for the third time running, just as we aren't going to have the same teachers and we aren't going to have the same classmates. We aren't going to have the same ugly yellow lockers (or, occasionally, the oddball green) and we're not going to gripe about Mr. Morton's cheesy announcements. For almost all of us, we're never going to have a class together again -- never going to be in the same school again -- and in many cases, we're never going to see each other again. The people who have been so constant for four years and often more -- the annoying kid, Miss Congeniality, the overacheiver, the one who thinks he's funny, the one who is funny, the one you love to hate, the one you hate to love -- are not going to be there. Next year it will be a new school, new peers, new teachers, a new building, and all the experience and wisdom and maturity you thought you had will vanish in the face of a new environment. There are things and people I won't miss, of course, but there are many, many that I will.

The end of year assembly was, remarkably, the last time I'll witness the self-titled Brown Town breakdance, the last time I'll witness the overenthused cheer that follows a particularly horrid act, the last time I'll witness Earl's AV team hastily try to fix a problem. The last "act" of the assembly was to call all the graduates on stage and, printed lyrics in hand, sing along to Michelle Branch's "Goodbye to You". It may be cheesy, it may not be a good song, it may not be my type of music, it may be ridiculous and stupid and hilarious, in retrospect, but when the grads filed off the stage and out of the auditorium for what will be the second last time, there were more than a few eyes red.

We're not quite done yet, but we're in the final leg of the race. The finish line is just around the corner, and before we know it, we'll be breaking the ribbon.

Congratulations, Earl of March's Class of 2007. We're almost there.

Thanks for the ride.
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if you want to cross a bridge, my sweet, you've got to pay the toll [31 May 2007|08:33pm]
I have two weeks and a day left of highschool, plus a Calculus & Music exam, and then I am done.


However I am pretty psyched because the end of June is going to be the shit. The 27th is graduation, and while I am certain I am going to bawl like a pansy -- the last band concert sort of indicated that -- it will be good times. And I get to keep the robe, so, you know, I have my Halloween costume all planned! Judge, Harry Potter, dead Judge, dead Harry Potter... The possibilities are, um, limitless.

And the day after grad is the arrival of Lexi! Hurrah! Then Saturday is prOMG and the Sunday is Canada Day and the parties are endless. ENDLESS, I say.

I still have two ISUs to finish, a calc summative & chapter 7 test to fail, another Writer's Craft project to do, and a theory exam before exam week, but... what can you do.

I also signed up for my university courses. As it is at the moment, I'm taking, in no particular order (I forget):

Introduction to Organizational Communication (wtf)
Introduction to Literature Before 1700
some kind of Philosophy course I've forgotten
Lit. Since 1700
Literature & Film (WOO)
Literature & Psychology
Fantasy, Myth & Language (we study like... Lewis Carrol and C. S. Lewis)
Intro to Experimental Psychology
Moral Reasoning (compulsory, or believe me, I would not take it)
Intro to Criminology.

Some of those seem interesting, some seem rather godawful, but we'll see. The truly exciting part is the absence of MATH. HAHAHAH!!! I WIN! And also the absence of sciences; I don't hate sciences, but I do not think I could handle them at a university level.

Speaking of Fantasy, Myth & Language, here's a Harry Potter-style survey to prove how cool I am.Collapse )

Fascinating stuff! I guess I should actually um do my calc homework now, hmm.

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eastern conference CHAMPIONS! [20 May 2007|09:46am]
THE SENS WON. =) Which means in something like a week they play for the Stanley Cup against either Detroit or Anaheim (go Detroit go). I am stoked. All of Ottawa is stoked. AMC is probably not stoked because we are absolutely dead when there's a game, ha ha.

In other news, I wish other people's decisions bothered me less.
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song lyric game! [10 May 2007|02:20pm]
[ mood | productive ]

Yes, I am bored.

Yes, I am procrastinating.

so here's a song lyric guessing game thing! What fun.Collapse )

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and it was a good weekend. HURRAH.
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OBLIGATORY SPRING POST [23 Mar 2007|04:38pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]


I think I write one of these every year, and because they usually end up being one of few :)!!! posts, I am going to keep up the tradition.

WHOOO SPRING!!! Yeah. I am in a good mood because when I look out the window, I can't see any snow (I can if I look for it, if I carane my head around and try to find some, but just glancing outside, I can't see any.). This occured to me walking down the hall from Writer's Craft today -- our school, for those who are not lucky/cursed enough to go to Earl, has gigantic windows at the end of the four main hallways, and those gigantic windows overlook the field and some other field and some houses and such. Anyway, as I was walking back from writer's craft, and looking out the window ahead of me, my thoughts were something like this:


Yeah. And when I went home today, it was so warm that I was HOT in the car and I TOOK OFF MY COAT. GASP.

I don't think you can appreciate how truly glorious springtime is if you don't live somewhere with the drastic weather variations that Ottawa can boast of -- we somehow go from -40 to +40, and the transition periods are quite interesting. Fall is beautiful and depressing, because it means winter (and -40) is ahead; spring, while generally ugly and generally smelling of ass, is incredibly uplifting because it means the end of winter, and the return of fun animals like birds, bears and insects. Despite how much I may loathe the winter in general, that's one thing I do love about living where I live -- the fact that everything changes so much makes the arrival of each new season pathetically exciting. I don't really know anyone whose mood doesn't get better, even a little, when spring finally arrives.

That said, I know this is a fluke day -- I know that Saturday, Sunday and the rest of the week aren't supposed to be so sunny or so clear, I know that it may well get cold and snow again; spring in Ottawa is about as predictable as a rabid rhinocerous. (See how writer's craft has helped me? Alliteration and a simile. =| ) Still, it's exciting just for once to feel like the end is near, summer is approaching, and with it, all the awesome things it means -- fruit (delicious), summer clothing (which for me is a difference only from 'long-sleeves' to 't-shirt', but still), graduation (!!!!), prOMG, Lexi (maybe), Harry Potter! (I am so cool), and summer lovin' (had me a blast).

So yes. My happiness and the spring weather may be equally fleeting, but for now I am going to enjoy the eye of the storm, call up some people, and go see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Hells. Yes.


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ron weasley is my best friend (even though no one calls him the weasle) [10 Mar 2007|11:46pm]
Alas, I have quite an interesting concert resume now:

Christinia Aguilera (free), The Eagles (free), Alkaline Trio ($30), Harry & The Potters (priceless).

Super Awesome Senior Skip Day, as we called it, began pretty awesomely: I skipped school and slept until 11 AM, at which point Abby called and woke me up. Fuckin' a, sleeping in. I found some food somewhere and then Candice picked me up and she, Sindie and I ventured DOWN-TOOOWN!

After getting lost and travelling down various confusing Ottawanian one-way streets, we somehow managed to park in the same parking garage as Sarah, Lisa and Abby, and then we found them in Rideau. I don't really like shopping, but Rideau really puts Bayshore to shame, as far as malls go. Sin and I half-heartedly inspected prom dresses while our friends fawned over Aritzia.

There was nothing really very exciting about shopping, so let's cut to dinner. We ate at some place called Zak's, which is, for future reference, just off the Byward Market (that isn't a market right now, but wutev). It's like some 50s-style diner, even though it was made in the 80s, as we discovered. They had some damn good diner-style food, man. That was a damn fine burger and onion rings. :| I also wanted a delicious 50s milkshake but there wasn't really time. One of their signs said "ASK ABOUT OUR PROM NIGHT SPECIAL" and we joked about how we should go their on prom night. Good times. Mmmm, talking of food reminds me that I am freaking hungry. Wtf. It's like midnght.

Anyoo. After some mediocre adventures finding our way -- we asked at a hotel because we are tourists in our hometown -- and discovering that it was literally right beside the hotel we asked at, we mae our way to the Saw Gallery. It was a pretty neat place, in my humble, limited experience. They had this ... wall... covered in things that looked like little tiles or somethign from far away, but upon closer inspection, they were ACTUALLY tiny thumbnail photos. It was really badass so I took a picture. Across from thta, there was a random .... ..um.. I don't even KNOW... display that consisted of about 300 butterknives suspended in the air. I have no idea, but it was cool. There was also an adjoining room with some kind of thing on the wall and the outline of a body in tape.

Weird. Cool.

THe little mark thing they made on your hand to show you had paid was a lightning bolt. Lirl.

The merch booth was hilarious. Sarah, Candice and I got beautiful shirts to solidify our nerdery. Candice got the one with Hedwig on the basis that "maybe it could look kind of cool under a blazer", and Sarah got one that was pink and said "Harry and the Potters rock the Library!", while I got a green one with a basilisk, a little girl and the bold letters "SAVE GINNY!". I also got HARRY & THE POTTERS AND THE POWER OF LOVE, which I am listening to right now. Truly a beautiful CD if ever there was one. I also texted Lexi "VOLDEMORT CAN'T STOP THE ROCK", because he can't.

Basically, the show was absolutely hilarious, even if they only played for about an hour, if that. We all combined the magic, love and rock in our hearts in order to stick it to the man. :|

Then we went out for coffee and I had a creme egg mcflurry. God yes. We saw Carly, told her where we'd just been, and she kind of shook her head sadly at us. Haha.

Voldemort can't STOP THE ROCK.Collapse )

OKAY enough lj-ing for me.

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one thing I'll say for him, jesus is cool [08 Mar 2007|05:14pm]


If you want to get technical, it's not March Break yet -- yes, up north here it's "March" break not "Spring" break, because it occurs in March and March is not spring here, sadly -- because there's school Friday, but like hell am I going. Pshaw. It is the unofficial Senior Skip Day, and with my only important course (calc) cancelled and a useless, Kindergarten-esque sub in Writer's Craft, there is no point in going anyway. Rock on, rebellion. Mr B was all BLAH BLAH I'M GIVING OUT UR ISUS TOMORROW SO GO and I was like yeah my ass.

Second semester is not, perhaps, as great as I'd hoped, but it's easy enough. I miss having a spare during the day -- it's the best place to do homework ever -- but having 4th spare is nice. All I do is come home and sleep, but it's still nice to know I COULD be doing work, if I wasn't such a slacker. Awesome.

Calculus is a bitch. My progress report says "SATISFACTORY" (which is a funny word to use, because it actually means "unsatisfactory" in their contexxt) and that I should SEE THE TEACHER and STUDY MORE. Too bad I hate math and our teacher is a bitch. She's alright, but she is not the sort of person you go to for extra help. She is the sort of person who will ask "how can you not understand that?" or marvel aloud that we passed grade 10 math. So who knows. I might become a superslacker and drop this course, too, because I don't need it for anything, but I am conflicted. My dignity is like "way to make yourself look like a failure" but then my rationale is like "um, I'm gonna look like a failure regardless".

However our pod/group of four rules. Rock on, Kathy, Joe and Sarah. We are so great and confused.

Writer's craft is okay. So far we have done one thing worth marks and I aced it, so perhaps it will be the easy 95 I'm hoping it will be. It's the strangest collection of people, though, it's weird. It's also weird to be in an English class with non-AP kids for the first time in three years. We covered random things they never did so some of it is kind of redundant. For instance, iambic pentameter is a concept far beyond their immediate understanding. ... I learned iambic pentameter in grade seven, man. Wtf. Anyhow, some of them are nice, and it is forcing me to talk to people I otherwise don't talk to -- hurrah, Amanda K, Lisa H, and Lauren! -- so that is kind of... cool. Maybe.

Music is alright. It's usually amusing, but I've lost my interest in music as a subject. Actually, that might just be because I suck; I lose interest in things when I start to suck. Which is too bad, because that's every course except English this year. LIRL Either way, I never intended to pursue music any farther, and while at the end-of-year band concert I might be like =(, right now I'm like WUTEVS I CAN'T PLAY 2 BAD.

Work is eh. I haven't had a fun shift in a while, which is sad, because I used to have them a lot. =( Boourns. They also completely ignored what I asked for off this March Break, which is always nice. I love harassing people in the night. :| "TAKE MY SHIFT TAKE MY SHIFT BLAGH BLAGH BLAGH".

The sad part is that apart from work and school, I have nothing else to write about. Life is... lifey. I don't really get to see my friends very often, so that blows, but tomorrow we're going to see Harry & The Potters and... I don't know what else we're doing. We're disorganised like that. NO ONE WILL ANSWER MY QUERIES. WHYY!! Aaand we also had to put Dakota down, which is sad but... what can you do. He was like 13 or something, I forget. ...God that is freaking old. I was 4 when we got him? WTF? Maybe he was like 12. Whatever I don't know, but he was old okay. And huge. Old and huge. I am sad but I am not THAT sad because he couldn't even walk properly and that blows, man. =( Anyway ILY DAKOTA.

Um that's it I think. K BYE.


eta- omfg my life is so fucking boring /LIRL/
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and it was good [26 Feb 2007|07:36pm]
[ mood | amused!!! ]

For once (and presumably the only time), calculus is funny:

Question: Rafael tries to find f`(2) where f(x)=x^5. He substitutes 2 for x and gets f(2)=32. Then he differentiates 32 and gets zero. Explain why he also gets a mark of 0.

Answer, as scribbled in pen in the margin by someone who is not Kali: CAUSE HIS NAME IS RAF.

Oh, the hilarity.



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