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one thing I'll say for him, jesus is cool



If you want to get technical, it's not March Break yet -- yes, up north here it's "March" break not "Spring" break, because it occurs in March and March is not spring here, sadly -- because there's school Friday, but like hell am I going. Pshaw. It is the unofficial Senior Skip Day, and with my only important course (calc) cancelled and a useless, Kindergarten-esque sub in Writer's Craft, there is no point in going anyway. Rock on, rebellion. Mr B was all BLAH BLAH I'M GIVING OUT UR ISUS TOMORROW SO GO and I was like yeah my ass.

Second semester is not, perhaps, as great as I'd hoped, but it's easy enough. I miss having a spare during the day -- it's the best place to do homework ever -- but having 4th spare is nice. All I do is come home and sleep, but it's still nice to know I COULD be doing work, if I wasn't such a slacker. Awesome.

Calculus is a bitch. My progress report says "SATISFACTORY" (which is a funny word to use, because it actually means "unsatisfactory" in their contexxt) and that I should SEE THE TEACHER and STUDY MORE. Too bad I hate math and our teacher is a bitch. She's alright, but she is not the sort of person you go to for extra help. She is the sort of person who will ask "how can you not understand that?" or marvel aloud that we passed grade 10 math. So who knows. I might become a superslacker and drop this course, too, because I don't need it for anything, but I am conflicted. My dignity is like "way to make yourself look like a failure" but then my rationale is like "um, I'm gonna look like a failure regardless".

However our pod/group of four rules. Rock on, Kathy, Joe and Sarah. We are so great and confused.

Writer's craft is okay. So far we have done one thing worth marks and I aced it, so perhaps it will be the easy 95 I'm hoping it will be. It's the strangest collection of people, though, it's weird. It's also weird to be in an English class with non-AP kids for the first time in three years. We covered random things they never did so some of it is kind of redundant. For instance, iambic pentameter is a concept far beyond their immediate understanding. ... I learned iambic pentameter in grade seven, man. Wtf. Anyhow, some of them are nice, and it is forcing me to talk to people I otherwise don't talk to -- hurrah, Amanda K, Lisa H, and Lauren! -- so that is kind of... cool. Maybe.

Music is alright. It's usually amusing, but I've lost my interest in music as a subject. Actually, that might just be because I suck; I lose interest in things when I start to suck. Which is too bad, because that's every course except English this year. LIRL Either way, I never intended to pursue music any farther, and while at the end-of-year band concert I might be like =(, right now I'm like WUTEVS I CAN'T PLAY 2 BAD.

Work is eh. I haven't had a fun shift in a while, which is sad, because I used to have them a lot. =( Boourns. They also completely ignored what I asked for off this March Break, which is always nice. I love harassing people in the night. :| "TAKE MY SHIFT TAKE MY SHIFT BLAGH BLAGH BLAGH".

The sad part is that apart from work and school, I have nothing else to write about. Life is... lifey. I don't really get to see my friends very often, so that blows, but tomorrow we're going to see Harry & The Potters and... I don't know what else we're doing. We're disorganised like that. NO ONE WILL ANSWER MY QUERIES. WHYY!! Aaand we also had to put Dakota down, which is sad but... what can you do. He was like 13 or something, I forget. ...God that is freaking old. I was 4 when we got him? WTF? Maybe he was like 12. Whatever I don't know, but he was old okay. And huge. Old and huge. I am sad but I am not THAT sad because he couldn't even walk properly and that blows, man. =( Anyway ILY DAKOTA.

Um that's it I think. K BYE.


eta- omfg my life is so fucking boring /LIRL/
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