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song lyric game!

Yes, I am bored.

Yes, I am procrastinating.

It's supposed to be the first 25 that play randomly, but F dat, if the song sucked I skipped to the next one. WOO.

1. Sleeping through the evening, singing dreams inside my head, I'm heading out.

2. Hey, where did we go? Days when the rain came down in the hollow, playing the new game [...]

3. I drag this lake, looking for corpses, dusting for prints, pried up the floorboards...

4. Imagine me and you; I do!

5. It was the first snow of the season - I can almost see you breathing

6. God bless the daylight, the sugary smell of springtime

7. The chords we play, the ways left to communicate, the roads we've paved with the plans we've made

8. Nico, take it slow, show me that you care.

9. The seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake

10. I don't wanna be the crutch, one step away from down

11. Someday they'll find your small town world on a big-town avenue

12. Baby's good to me, you know, she's happy as can be

13. Hey little sister, what have you done?

14. Steve walks warily down the street, with the brim pulled way down low; ain't no sound but the sound of his feet, machine guns ready to go.

15. She got it all, the boys they would crawl away from her door and they'd come back again

16. What's this? What's this? There's powder everywhere!

17. Saturday night burns a redness on my face

18. The urge to merge can rob us of our senses; the need to breed can make a man a drone

19. You ain't nothing but a hound dog, crying all the time.

20. Kiss me - out of the bearded barley, nightly, beside the green green grass

21. Never knew I could feel like this -- like I'd never seen the sky before

22. Percussion? Strings? Winds? Words.

23. I don't mind you coming here and wasting all my time.

24. Yo, listen up, here's a story

25. Little town, it's a quiet village - every day like the one before.

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